Newsletter June 2017

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 Fire Evacuation and Emergency Planning

You have a responsibility to protect against a high life risk in your establishment at times of emergency.  Therefore, your emergency fire planning and procedures should be comprehensive, workable, well practiced and understood by all staff. Your task is made more difficult when dealing with young children and babies or elderly and possibly immobile adults. Read more

Early Years Nutrition Guide

The vast amount of evidence demonstrating the importance of the relationship between nutrition and a child’s future health and development is undeniable. As well as poor nutrition being linked to an increase in instances of illness, diet also dramatically impacts on cognitive development. Finding the perfect balance isn’t an easy task. Read more

DBS Decision Making Process

In last month’s newsletter, I explained the required process of referring an individual. This included when to refer, how to refer, who to refer to, the time restraints for referring and the penalties for not referring or delaying to refer. This article can be viewed on our website under April articles. This article explains the process followed by the DBS. Read more

Capital Allowances 

We have recently identified a little-known tax benefit which indicates that many of our clients are owed money from HMRC. This is in respect of commercial properties they own and most people are unaware it exists. Clients are receiving cheques for up to £125,000 - how would you spend yours? Read more

Quote of the Month

"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small."

-Lao Tzu

30 Hour Infographic

Provider guide to checking the validity of 30 hours eligibility codes. Read more

Poem of the Month

I wake them up, I get them dressed ,

I brush their hair so they look their best. Read more

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