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2018 Named in the NLJ's (National Law Journal’s - USA and UK) Inaugural List of Legal AI Leaders (an exclusive list of 49 global entrepreneur / company trail-blazers)


2018 Named in the ABA (American Bar Association’s) Law Technology Resource Center’s Women of Legal Tech 2018 list (a distinction reserved for 25 stand-out women throughout the world in tech and law)


2018 – Written evidence submitted to the House of Lords Select Committee on AI, session 2017-2019, was quoted and published in the House of Lords AI Report, April 2018, page 28 paragraph 55.


2018 – Was approached to join the Futurists, Business, Media, Legal, Robotics/AI, Space Settlement advisory boards at the Lifeboat Foundation, alongside Ray Kurzweil and Nobel Laureates Daniel Kahneman, Eric S. Maskin, Richard J. Roberts, Wole Soyinka and other leading thinkers and activists.


2018 - 2011 Thought leader and consultant to the Establishment, various law and regulatory bodies and societies with regard to new law, regulation and strategies to be considered in light of the rise of AI and machine learning in society and law.


2018 Finalist (Highly Commended) in The English Women's Awards


2017 Winner of AI Legal Awards - best coaching company


2017 Finalist UK Enterprise Awards  - billed as The Oscars for Technology Entrepreneurs in the categories Woman Entrepreneur and Social Enterprise


2017 Advisor to the board of The Telegraph’s Digital Enterprise Network


2017 EntrepreneurLawyer selected by FeedSpot as one of the Top 50 Entrepreneur Blogs on the web


2016 – Awarded Honorary Visiting Fellow, University of Westminster, School of Law (AI & Robots in law), London, UK.

2015 listed as one of the world's Top Women Futurists 

2015 Rated No.1 on LinkedIn as the best-connected & most engaged woman in the legal sector, 4th in all sectors 

2013 Legal Professional of The Year
2013 International Top 100 executive
Author of Tomorrow's Naked Lawyer
Author of best-seller The Naked Lawyer
Top Ten Legal tweeter (The Times)
International Keynote Speaker
Columnist; Writer; Blogger:


* Thomson Reuters - Legal Current
* Global Legal Post
* Law Society Gazette
* Trinity Mirror - TotallyLegal
* LexisNexis - Future of Law
* LexisNexis - Business of Law
* Law Plain And Simple
* Entrepreneur Country
* Brand Yorkshire
* The Rouse


E:  Chrissie
M:  +44 (0)7793 510104
A:  323 West Point, 
     Wellington Street, Leeds, 
     West Yorkshire, LS1 4JU,


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Reading - check out
Tomorrow's Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw - How to be successful 2015 to 2045.

Reading – see best-seller
The Naked Lawyer: RIP to XXX – How to market, Brand and Sell YOU! 

Offer price ONLY £20+vat for the Ebook!



Speaking gigs – check out events I’m speaking and engaging in throughout 2018.


Consulting gigs – bespoke 121 and group work; simply contact me to discuss.


Also, check out the experts who work alongside me in joined-up projects at EntrepreneurLawyer.


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May 2018 - Issue #24 (ish)

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Earlier this week I was invited along to a private dinner in a really posh restaurant in London (awful, I know, but someone has to do it😊) to deliver a keynote speech about AI, Robots, Law and the Future to a gathering of curious people from ‘the professions’.


I enjoyed the most fabulous, intellectually stimulating and fun evening amongst wonderful people. Not only was I ‘teaching’ aka sharing knowledge, insights, ideas and experience, but I gained a great deal from the event. I was learning too.


It was fascinating to hear about the clever things happening re AI in Marketing and CRM. During the evening I made new friends who were interested in similar stuff, meaning, we’re likely to do business together at some point in the future to help each other future-proof ourselves and our businesses.


Lesson learned - For all the good stuff we can achieve by networking online, it’s still the human touch that provides the glue..


So, unashamedly, I’d like to give a shout-out for the hosts - Raunuk Wahiwala and the CEO’s of Introhive & Vuture - for enlightening and entertaining me. If you wish to hear more on the subject of AI in CRM and Marketing I highly recommend you look them up (LinkedIn remains the mother of business connecting) and/or attend one of their awesome events.


You can find the next one here: (It's 24th May so get your skates on :)) The theme is: Evolution or Revolution? How Big Data is Empowering Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Human Intelligence in Financial Services.


Up & Coming Events


I've got a number of further super cool AI / Legal / Business / 'The Future' speaking gigs lined up during 2018 (and already for 2019).


Hopefully you can make it to one of them, particularly the London UK based CogX, OSX, Society for Computers & Law, or Germany or Australia events; sorry but the Switzerland, Aosphere (Allan & Overy) UK, and Brazil events are private company gatherings.


Check them out here


And then ... *drumroll* ...



2018 The Mischief Tour! ...


I'm taking The Naked Lawyer & Robot Lawyer LISA globe trotting on a speaking tour, together!!!


Theme: "Challenging the Norm! Human & Machine: a dynamic duo in business, law, society and life."


Yep, that's right. If you weren't already aware I am the visionary and pioneer of both THE NAKED LAWYER and ROBOT LAWYER LISA, and such is the demand and interest in each of them (Human & Machine - "better together") in August and September I will be travelling to South America and Australia to deliver keynote speeches and consultancy embracing core themes and concepts (in theory and practice) at the centre of them and from both of my books;



The Naked Lawyer: How to market, brand and sell YOU!



Tomorrow's Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw - How to be successful, 2015 to 2045


Why a world tour?


Since the middle of 2017 I've experienced a revival of interest and enquiries in the 'touchy-feely' stuff around 'soft-skills' and personal branding (portrayed in The Naked Lawyer book back in 2010), no doubt spurred on by the penny dropping that my 'outrageous future-gazing nonsense' keynotes (paraphrasing many nay-sayers from conferences past) over the last 10 years about the machines (AI and Robots) on the horizon that will arrive to do some of our human tasks / roles / jobs is actually beginning to happen, for real...


Combine this with mainstream curiosity in AI, Robots and other evolving smart tech which is beginning to impact every aspect of our lives right now (either positively or negatively), ergo I am constantly being asked to speak and/or consult on this subject and WHY/WHAT/HOW Robot Lawyer LISA fits into this matrix, I figure the best (logical and entertaining) way to bring the sharing of my professional experience, insights, secrets and advice would be to deliver talks around the human and machine stuff together i.e. my subject ...


“Emotionally Intelligent Humans with Artificially Intelligent Machines – Better Together!”


Naturally, I will cover The Naked Lawyer speciality subjects such as EI, niching, the 'trio branding magic' (personal brand, product brand, firm brand), digital footprint, entrepreneurship etc, and Tomorrow's Naked Lawyer and Robot Lawyer LISA's speciality focus i.e. the current and possible future impact of AI & Robots in law, business, society and life.


That is, the stuff I'm already being asked to speak/consult on (including My Story -  The Naked Lawyer story and Robot Lawyer LISA's story). However, if you have any particular focus to add to this I'd love to hear from you and how I can help ...


It makes a lot of sense for me to buy a "world 'flight'  ticket" and pop into many countries where loads of you have asked, "Chrissie, when will you be in Canada / North America / South Africa / New Zealand / Singapore / Tokyo / Hong-Kong / Dubai / UAE / Russia / Europe ? etc etc etc"


Accordingly, please do ROAR! ...  


Reach out and let me know if you'd like me to come and speak at / consult with you / your company / event in August/September (and Q4 this year)!


Ping me an email here :)



PLEASE NOTE - look to the left (and up a bit - TRACK RECORD). I am a PAID speaker and/or consultant. If you contact me please have a sensible budget available for what you have in mind and would like my involvement in. I'd be happy to discuss a fair fee. My saying this may be a little 'risky' but, seriously, I respect your time, please respect mine. We're all very busy keeping the 'wolf robot' from the door :)


Speaking of taking risks ...





I wouldn't be where I am today without taking risks. HUGE ones, btw...


But I'm not a nutter (yes, yes, I know you may wish to challenge me on that:)). What I mean is, I'm not cavalier...


I take informed, considered and calculated risks based on research, my gut / sixth-sense, common-sense, my own inner compass and Mystic Meg, as well as looking to 'risk experts' and then covering my a*se with insurance to hopefully negate some of the risk. We all do it. SO...


Forgive me but I must also give a shout-out to two professional, enthusiastic and genuinely nice guys whom I know could help you tremendously in the same way they came to my aid.


Recently I met up with Chris Ficken, Sales Director of Hera Indemnity and David Thorpe, Director at Financial Eye. They both kindly offered assistance and advice on insurance, risk management and business development in relation to all of my business ventures. They also went the extra mile by prodding their exceptionally 'well-connected' network base and introduced me to additional contacts who have enabled me to move my businesses forward - something we all look for and are hugely grateful of when it happens. I appreciated the leg up guys -



I'm confident that both Chris and David would be happy to speak with you should you need assistance or advice in the areas I've mentioned.





Confession time. I haven't been reading 'full books' lately. This would be a luxury in my time poor 'away from, or during, work' life. I'm grabbing snippets and golden nuggets from various online tweets, linkedin / facebook posts, blogs, articles, newsletters etc instead.


If it's good enough for Elon Musk, who am I to argue? ...


However, I'm going to make one exception during the summer evenings and enjoy "Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success" by Paul Skinner, as I sit with a long G&(slimline)T pondering my next move in my roller-coaster carbon and silicon life ... 





I opt-in to a handful of decent newsletters, one of which is from Sunil Bali, who shared the following wisdom some time ago. It resonated with me so I'd like to share it with you too. I've personalised it a wee bit to reflect my life, but the original essence still rings true today: 


I'm more of a brown sauce woman, but my step-son loves his tomato ketchup.


Despite repeatedly hitting the bottom of the bottle, he couldn't get any ketchup onto the full English breakfast that lay before him.


More vigorous shaking and banging the bottle on the table.....still no ketchup.


Finally he gave up and resigned himself to a fry up with no ketchup: an act of sacrilege in his eyes.


"Let me have a go," I said. And with just one more shake, out flowed the ketchup.


In this age of instant gratification, success is far from instant.


We need to persist through the




As someone once said, "The road to failure is actually the path of least persistence."




*  I was delighted when the Tax Authorities wrote to me and said that my tax return was "outstanding," particularly as I don't even remember sending it in. 


* Times have been tough lately. My husband ran off with the woman next door. I really do miss her.






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Let's keep Dancing, ROARing and Prrrrrrrrrrrrring throughout 2018 and beyond ...

Warmest regards and best intentions as ever,


The Entrepreneur Lawyer
(of the naked kind)


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