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Welcome from the CEO, Chrissie Lightfoot...

As this is the first Robot Lawyer LISA newsletter I am delighted and privileged to write on behalf of all of us here at team LISA and say a warm “HELLO and WELCOME!”

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Over the coming weeks and months LISA’s team will be in touch with the latest news about AI and Robots in law, business and society around the world. We’ll also provide tips and advice that will help you and your business grow. Oh, and we’ll also keep you up to date with the latest developments from LISA.


Chrissie Lightfoot

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Meet LISA - the world's first impartial robot lawyer...

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 "I'm a huge fan of LISA!"

Joshua Browder

Founder of DoNotPay

Robot Lawyer LISA’s flagship FREE confidentiality agreement (also known as a non-disclosure agreement) was launched only a few months ago but is already helping lay people, brands and organisations of all sizes on every continent across the globe.

We are delighted that LISA is helping people in third world countries and emerging markets, as well as existing markets.

The NDA tool is powered by cutting edge technology which sits on an AI Platform imbued with human solicitors combined legal and commercial knowledge, experience and insight over the past 30 years. You can use LISA on any digital device, whether you are on your phone, your tablet, your laptop or your desktop.

Robot Lawyer LISA enables and empowers you to create legal agreements with a party on the other side, together, with her guidance and assistance throughout the process, helping you both (as non-lawyers) find a middle ground as quickly, knowledgeably and cost effectively as possible.

Whereas a human lawyer cannot advise or act for both sides when creating a legal agreement, LISA’s machine impartiality means she can; you get to see and understand what it feels like to stand in the shoes of the party on the other side as LISA is transparent, unbiased and objective in her guidance, ultimately saving both you and the counter-party a huge amount of time and money.

Whether you're a consumer, an entrepreneur, a start-up, a SME or large corporation, LISA levels the playing field.

Curious to know more and give LISA a whirl? Check out www.robotlawyerlisa.com.

COMING SOON! LISA's suite of property tools

We’re delighted to announce that our brand new property-related legal tools will be launched very soon.

These new products will enable you to create property-related legal agreements with the other party, together, helping you both find a middle ground as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Whereas a human lawyer cannot advise or act for both sides when creating an agreement, LISA’s machine impartiality means she can save both you and the counter-party time and money.

If you are mildly curious or wish to steal a march on your competitors you can find out more and/or book a demo by heading over to www.robotlawyerlisa.com/property/comingsoon.

What people are saying about LISA's property tools:

"This could be a game changer!"

Alexander Low

Former Head of Client Development and National Director at JLL


LISA teams up with Billy Bot

Billy Bot

From day one we have been focused on making access to legal services cost effective, time saving, insightful and transparent for consumers and businesses to acquire their legal needs by using technology wherever possible in the first instance before moving on to garner human lawyer support, if at all necessary or desired. That’s why we developed Robot Lawyer LISA.

It’s also why we’ve recently teamed up with Clerksroom Direct and their junior clerk robot Billy Bot to give users of LISA even more machine and human legal support.


We’ve listened to you, our users of LISA’s AI legal tools and understand that sometimes you would like a practising solicitor or barrister to look over the agreement you have created with LISA and the other side, either for peace of mind or because you and the counter-party were unable to come to an agreement and finalise the document. And so…

In addition to human solicitor support from the human legal and commercial brains behind LISA at Duthie Law Firm, you can find out more about Clerksroom Direct and Billy Bot in how they can help you too.

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Until you hear from us again, all at team LISA wish you a successful, productive and splendid time.

Chrissie Lightfoot, CEO - Robot Lawyer LISA



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