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Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter...

We hope that you had a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a fabulous start to 2018.


The first month of the year has been a hugely busy one at Robot Lawyer LISA HQ, hence our newsletter falling in February instead of January. Not a big thing, all things considered, as we can all get a little overwhelmed with the plethora of New Year, New You, New Business January newsletters. So, on with February, where we've outlined some of the things that we've been up to over the last couple of months. We hope you enjoy reading it.


Chrissie Lightfoot

CEO, Chrissie Lightfoot

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LISA named as one of the Legal AI Leaders

AI Leaders

Yesterday the National Law Journal released its inaugural list of Legal AI Leaders, highlighting the best artificial intelligence tools and services that are currently available online.

LISA continues to "Challenge The Norm" and champion the cause for quality, nuanced, significant time saving and cost reduction of legal services via commercial and legal expertise automation (AI contract tools) for the 80-90% of businesses and consumers who have never been able to afford legal advice and legal documentation.

We’re delighted to announce that LISA features in the National Law Journal’s exclusive list of the chosen 49 entrepreneurs and companies around the world, a distinction reserved for leading developers of innovative, artificial intelligence-driven products and services. Legal AI Leaders is an extension of the National Law Journal’s highly respected Trailblazers series, which since 2013, has highlighted hundreds of innovative and ground-breaking legal professionals. The National Law Journal hopes this new list will spotlight those entrepreneurs and companies making a big difference.

Not only are we honoured and delighted, we are also very surprised, as LISA (with her expertise automation of critical legal documents) replaces the need for human lawyers on each side of the contract i.e. no need for human lawyers to represent either party to an agreement.

Since LISA launched in April 2017, the service has been used by students, academics, businesses of all sizes and types, general counsel and more. We look forward to continuing to help and work with businesses and people over the coming months and years.

To find out more and see who else featured on the Legal AI Leaders list, please click here.

LISA in the media

There's a lot of buzz around the legal AI community at the moment, so over the past month or two we have spent some time discussing LISA and what the future might hold for those providing legal services and those (like us) who desperately need access to quality online legal advice and documents.

In December, Chrissie sat down with Propteq founder Brian Brosnan to talk about how AI is driving transformational change in property and legal services. Click here to read more.

LISA in the media

LISA was also featured in Womanthology, where Chrissie discussed legaltech, woman entrepreneurship, disruption and her own working life.

We were also interviewed by Sergii Shcherbak of Synch, who was looking at the role of AI in the legal profession. Click here to read more!

Want to find out more about our property tools?

If you haven't yet registered your interest in demoing our property-related legal tools there is still plenty of time to do so.

The new services, which launched late last year, empower you to create legally binding business leases, residential leases and lodger agreements with another person or business, together, without using a human lawyer on either side.

You can request a free demo now, and find out more about the new tools, by visiting our website.

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Until you hear from us again, all at team LISA wish you a successful, productive and splendid time.



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