31st August 2018




It's my first week back after a break in France. Our children are 11, 9 and 4. The word 'holiday' implies rest and relaxation. There was a distinct lack of either. 


What we did have, however, was red wine. Industrial amounts of the local nectar. I know nothing about red wine, so you can forget fancy descriptions about aroma of coffee, medium-oaked or flavours of egg and mushroom. It all tastes the same to me. Or it certainly does after the third bottle. 


The picture is me sporting 'Le Chapeau de Merde'. Le chapeau was presented to the loser of our nightly card game who then had to decorate it with a selection of flowers from the garden. My wife posted this picture on Facebook.


Walking through Harrogate on Tuesday a car pulled up driven by a man I hardly know. He wound down his window and shouted 'You look gay in that hat'. Ah, the power of social media.


Below is a round up of some of my work, musings and news. 







Remodelling unloved or unattractive jewellery is a significant part of my work. 


This week I completed the remaking of a trilogy diamond ring. My client was delighted with a ring I re-created last month and immediately commissioned the re-design of a three-stone diamond ring she owns.


Previously the diamonds were set into a very dated ring design made in yellow and white gold. The settings were very heavy and did not showcase these beautiful old brilliant cut diamonds.  


This new ring, created in platinum enables far more light to enter the diamonds, allowing them to truly sparkle.




I've also raised the centre diamond slightly to emphasise it's larger size.


Previously the diamonds were set very flat and they looked very similar in size. The diamonds now look 20% bigger and 50% brighter than in their previous setting. 


The ring has taken around 4 weeks to create from my initial meeting with my client. 


The quality of manufacture, setting and finish is truly world class and I am extremely proud of the completed ring.


This is has been a super piece of jewellery to make and gets my favourite creation of the week.  



Fluorescence is the visible light some diamonds emit when they are exposed to invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays. On a GIA diamond grading report, fluorescence refers to the strength, or intensity, of the diamond’s reaction to long-wave UV, which is an essential component of daylight.


The light emitted lasts if the diamond is exposed to the ultraviolet source.


Fluorescence is not graded like the four C's, but instead if a diamond does exhibit fluorescence, then its strength is measured and this will go on the diamond report. There are five strength grades: none; faint; medium; strong and very strong.



25% - 35% of diamonds exhibit some degree of fluorescence, so it doesn't affect most diamonds. And fluorescence affects different diamonds...well, differently. 


For the rare white or colourless diamonds graded from D to H, fluorescence can emit a bluish tinge. Some also believe that a strong fluorescence can make a diamond appear hazy or oily in appearance. This means that these diamonds are frequently less expensive than ones which exhibit no fluorescence at all.


In diamonds at the other end of the colour spectrum; so diamonds graded from around an I to an M - the diamonds that emit a slightly yellowish tinge - fluorescence can sometimes be regarded as a good thing, as the blueish tinge can make the diamond appear whiter than it actually is.



The GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) conducted a study on fluorescence and concluded that blue fluorescence has a negligible effect on the appearance of a diamond. In short, most people can not tell the difference between a diamond with fluorescence and one without.


To find out more, visit GIA.



We spent our holiday with our good friends Ben and Andrea. Ben is an old mate of mine and professional photographer by trade (Ben Duffy Photography). As well as corporate stuff he works for the major sports brands and keeps my son entertained with tales of his encounters with Ronaldo, Messi and Pogba etc.


We got incredible photos from our holiday, thanks to Ben's cameras and drone and of course, his creative talent. This is perhaps my favourite shot - we had one evening when we were treated to an amazing electrical storm.  He's a super talented guy Ben Duffy.